Koules Castle (Rocca al Mare)

If you ever find yourself in Heraklion, it’s worth visiting Koules. Within 10 minutes walk from the city center and the entrance fee being only 2€ you can travel through history.

Koules Fortress, Heraklion

Magnificent and full of history, it dominate the entrance of the Venetian port. The fortress of Koules is a venetian construction that still adorns the city of Heraklion. The Venetians first builded a tower  that in 1523 was demolished. Koule obtained its final form between 1523 and 1540. From that point on, it has been repaired many times due to wear of waves, time and other disasters. The repairs also continued after the capture of Crete by the Turks in 1669. In 1719 the fortress was used as a prison.


Koules had two floors. The ground floor was been consisted of 26 different apartments used for various purposes such as food and munitions stores, but also as prison cells. On the first floor there were rooms for the officers, a mill and an oven.

Ground Floor