Monday 4/5/2020


Today, in the official information of the Ministry of Health, Professor Sotiris Tsiodras, informed the citizens about another 6 new cases.
A total of 2632 are the confirmed cases of coronavirus in Greece. Crete is now COVID-19 free for about a month.
At the same time, the death toll now stands at 146.
35 are our fellow citizens who are in the intensive care unit. More than 80951 tests have already been performed in Greece to detect the virus.
According to the professor, "the first wave of the disease in Europe seems to have reached its peak in Europe, while the UK still holds the worst daily death toll".

However, today is an important day, because like in other European countries, the first lift of the emergency measures was taken in Greece. So, citizens now can move around freely (but always strictly adhering to hygiene and distance measures). Also, some retail stores have been opened and travel within the prefectures is allowed.The use of face mask will be mandatory for employees and costumers in all small and closed places, as well as in public transport.

In these difficult times, we must remain strong and not lose our optimism.

Let's dream of the best days that will come again !!

Until then #stay safe and #stay healthy !!