Monday 18/5/2020


Today, the Ministry of Health, informed the citizens about another 2 new cases.
A total of 2836 are the confirmed cases of coronavirus in Greece, of which 55.1% concern men. Crete is now COVID-19 free over a month.
At the same time, the death toll now stands at 165

24 are our fellow citizens who are in the intensive care unit.

Today, all other grades of upper and lower secondary education will resume classes and private tuition and foreign language centres re-opened. Worshippers will be able to attend Divine Liturgies and other religious services following specific hygiene rules. Today, the movement restrictions across the regions and across the island of Crete and Evoia were lifted. But still you can't visit the other islands. Also, archaeological sites, zoos and botanical gardens re-opened.

We expect to know about the measures that will be taken in Greece and in Europe in general, in order to restart tourism safely!


Let's dream of the best days that will come again !!

Until then #stay safe and #stay healthy !!