Saturday 11/9/2021

New government desicion regarding the entrance to archeological sites


We would like inform you, that from Monday 13/9/21, the new government measures will be implemented to limit the spread of the SARS COV-19 virus. To enter archeological sites and museums

Adults: Vaccination certificate (stating that 14 days have passed since full vaccination for Covid-19) or disease certificate or negative test result (either PCR within last 72 hours or rapid within last 48 hours).


Children 12 to 17 years: Proof of a negative result of any test, including self test.


Children less than 12 years old:  enter freely without any test.

Archeological sites

  • Knossos
  • Archeological museum
  • Spinalonga
  • Gortys
  • Phaistos
  • Cave of Zeus