To make an online reservation, you will have to follow the steps below. We advise you to

read the instructions carefully.

- Choose the tour that you would like to participate on.

- Select how many people you will be on the tour, (adults and children).

- When you finish this, go to your cart.

- There, fill in the required information. Please be sure that the required information

you will fill in, are correct. Don’t forget to fill in the “Notes and Special Requests”

box, with the date that you would like to make the tour, the hotel in which you will

be staying, the area your hotel is located and if children from 0-4 years old will

participate the tour with you.

- Choose the payment method.

- Once you complete all the required fields, confirm your purchase.

- After making your purchase, you will receive an email that will inform you about

your order (confirmation email) and a second email, which will contain details about

the pick-up time of the tour and the exact pick-up point (the place from where you

will get the tour bus) .

- The second email, will also contain your voucher/ticket. You will have to print this

voucher/ticket and you have to bring it with you the day of the tour.

- This printed voucher/ticket will be collected from your tour guide or the bus driver.

If you need any help to make a reservation or more information, you can always contact us

to: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. . We will be glad to assist you!